Can a person with a happy family get depression?

Defining a “happy” family is not that simple. A family who is happy 75% of the time? Nobody is happy all the time. Is a happy family one without conflict? I don’t think that exists either. Minimal conflict?

I can’t tell you how many people have come to my office with a description of their “perfect” family or their “ideal” childhood. It never takes very long for obvious holes appear in this fantasy.

One of the most blatant contradictions I recall is:

“I had the perfect childhood. My mother beat my ass everyday.”

The point is, “happy” doesn’t describe the complexity of a family or childhood experience. Someone might seemingly have many positives in their life, and also experience some significant dysfunction.

Depression is also multi-determined, meaning it is determined by multiple factors, with the immediate family being a major one.

Some others are:

  • Temperament / emotional disposition
  • Goodness of fit between caretakers and child
  • Relationship dynamic between siblings
  • Extended family relationships
  • Societal factors
  • Societal racism and prejudice
  • Religious beliefs
  • War
  • Financial factors
  • Physical health

So while a family might seem generally happy, there is always room for things to be amiss, and certainly the potential for depression.

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