What is the most potentially dangerous mental illness out of the ones we tend to observe around us everyday?

Without researching the specifics, I’m confident that depression results in more deaths due to people taking their own life then any other mental health issues. In rare instances depressed individuals may take the lives of others as well, but people with mental health issues are far more likely to be a danger to themselves, and those that are violent with others are a small minority.

Many more people without any clear mental health issues are responsible for killing other people due to their belief system or because they are following some violent dogma that dehumanizes another group of people. Many societies and belief systems normalize violence under particular circumstances. War and genocide is ordered and carried out methodically by people who have power, resources and should know better, but once violence and killing become endorsed by the majority people seem to accept it.

The most dangerous thought processes are generally related to fear of another group such as xenophobia, homophobia, racism, religious persecution, sexism, etc.

Between those fear mongering beliefs and plain greed, more people are killed then for any other reason.

Mental health, like physical health is predominantly about caring for ourselves and others, as they are something everyone must deal with.


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