Will my therapist be annoyed when I tell her that I’ve been feeling depressed lately? She’s asked me about it before but I told her I’ve been feeling OK. It just took me a while to connect the dots between the symptoms.

A therapist getting annoyed by a client telling them they are depressed would be like a medical doctor getting annoyed at a patient reporting a fever, or a dentist getting annoyed because you told them your tooth hurts.

The purpose of therapy is having a safe and non-judgmental forum where you can freely share all your thoughts and feelings. I’d say the most obvious and expected thing would be to tell a therapist about your feelings and thoughts, and depression probably ranks as the primary reason people go to therapy.

One of the main reasons people go to see a therapist, is because they can count on the therapist not being annoyed by the things they say. I often tell new patients that they should feel free to tell me anything, including being critical of me, or feeling angry with me, for any reason or what seems like no reason at all. I’ll tell them, “You can curse me out as long as you don’t hit me or break my things”.

This usually gets a chuckle but the meaning is clear hopefully. You should feel free to say anything at all in therapy.

I can’t imagine (well I can but trying to emphasize my point) why you’d think any therapist would be annoyed because your feelings changed and you are depressed. That’s why people go to therapy.

The fact is, your fear of telling your therapist about your depression, is probably more significant than you being depressed, and very connected to it.

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