How can I progress in therapy when I feel overwhelmed with emotions in sessions and the only thing in my head is confusion? I feel so many aspects of my life have come into question, that I do not know what I want, who I am, and where I am going.

This often happens in therapy because you are questioning the way you’ve been living your life this far. Although this can be very uncomfortable, it can also be a sign of progress.

Think of it this way: you came into therapy because there were aspects of your life that were not working for you. Most likely, you had developed patterns of behavior that did not work for you, got in your way, or caused you some distress directly or indirectly. These pattens were likely developed during your early childhood. You have been, in esssnce, seeing the world through a distorted lens. In short, you had developed a way of being you, that was not working for you, and most likely was inauthentic to who you truly are.

Therapy has probably put all these patterns and ways of being into question, leaving you feeling very lost and unsure of anything. This is an extremely uncomfortable place to be, but it’s also an excellent platform for growth and discovery.

The next phase is very challenging, as it involves discovering yourself anew. Think of it as an incredible opportunity. Instead of accepting a version of you that was given to you, you now have a chance to create one that really feels like you and works for you. It’s not easy, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Allow yourself to be in this place of confusion with your therapist. Talk about it. It’s real and valid, and important that you share it and understand it, as best you can. If you can, get curious. Your curiosity is a powerful tool that can help transform the anxiety of not knowing into the incredible excitement of self-discovery.


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