My new therapist doesn’t like me, I am unperturbed. However, he suggested that I don’t need therapy and am using it as a crutch. I disagree, how do I handle this with him?

I don’t know exactly how or why you’ve determined he doesn’t like you. This sounds like a projection/distortion. If he’s done something overtly to indicated he didn’t like you, that is certainly problematic, and not conducive to a trusting relationship, or a strong therapeutic alliance, both of which are necessary for treatment to be helpful.

The fact that he thinks you don’t need therapy, unless this too is a distortion, and you do, is also not particularly helpful. Is it possible it’s his way of suggesting therapy might be helpful but it’s a choice, and he thinks you are relatively stable?

If I am to take what you are saying about your therapist literally, I would say this does not at all sound like a good fit for you. You should ideally have a therapist that is interested in helping you, and understanding of your feelings about what you need or don’t need.

If you are very pleased with your therapist, which is curious in itself, under the circumstances you are laying out, you should directly address this with him. I would tell him both about your belief that he doesn’t like you, and your thoughts about him thinking therapy is a crutch for you. See how he reacts. A competent therapist should be able to engage you and explore these issues without being defensive. This is a good opportunity to determine whether or not this is a good therapist for you to work with, assuming you have some choice in the matter.


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