After hugging my therapist twice (I asked), he had told me that he can’t hug me anymore because it’s forbidden in therapy. Did he act professionally?

While there isn’t one way to act professionally as a therapist, setting appropriate boundaries is essential.

Some therapists will disclose more personal information than others, and some will be more relaxed about some forms of touch.

What’s important is that therapy remains a safe space, and this means setting clear boundaries.

I don’t know what exactly transpired between you and your therapist between giving you 2 hugs and telling you they were not permitted, but if this was confusing to you, or possibly hurtful, I recommend you bring it up with your therapist.

You need to feel comfortable with your therapist, and this means addressing issues like this that can come up. Don’t get too nervous about asking your therapist about it. The more you can share with your therapist, the more the therapeutic alliance can develop and grow.


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