I’ve known her for 2 weeks, we’re both adults, not teenagers and we’re so good together, but is it a good sign that her mother wants to meet me?

This suggests a number of possible “signs”:

  • She has a close relationship with her mother.
  • She thinks the relationship might have long-term potential.
  • She likes you, told her mother about you, and her mother expressed an interest in meeting you.
  • She has an enmeshed relationship with her mother, meaning the lack of separation and individuation.
  • She’s crazy about you, and wants to get her mother’s approval.
  • She’s an alien from another planet, and this is a ruse to abduct you for “experiments”.

When embarking on any relationship, it generally comes down to one thing, your own judgment. She hasn’t told you that you have to meet her mother, so it’s really up to you to decide whether this is something you want to do now or maybe wait a little while.

Depending on how comfortable you are, you might even ask her about it. Would she like you to meet her mother? You might also ask yourself, what are your concerns. Are you worried about someone being overly invested in you? Do you think she’s moving too fast?

Everyone is different, and so everyone approaches relationships in different ways, and with different goals in mind. What might seem too fast for one person, might seem slow and cautious for another. The most important factor, is understanding what makes sense for you.

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