As a therapist in training, how do you start having therapy yourself if you don’t have any major issues that require treatment?

That’s an excellent question. One of the biggest misnomers about therapy is that you need a “major issue” to benefit from it. Therapy is about self-discovery and becoming the best version of you. If you think you don’t have any issues that need work, you definitely should be in therapy, as you will learn a lot about yourself. We all have plenty of room for growth,

Life is about growth. If we don’t grow, we stagnate.

Therapy is especially important for therapists in training, as you will surely have numerous people coming to see you who think they have no “major issues” and perfect childhoods. These kinds of statements are often signals that there /are /major issues /and/ troubled childhoods, but even if there aren’t major issues, there’s /always /room for growth.

You wouldn’t want to wait until you have heart disease or diabetes to exercise. Think of therapy as mental exercise to keep you strong and stable, so that when you do have those “major issues” (as all people do at various points in their lives), you can handle them as best you can.

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