I have made a lot of progress in therapy over the past 3 years. Yet I feel out of control when my therapist leaves in holidays. What can I do to maintain stability when he’s away?

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That’s an excellent question. Ideally it’s something you should discuss with your therapist but I’m guessing you probably have. I think it can [...]

After hugging my therapist twice (I asked), he had told me that he can’t hug me anymore because it’s forbidden in therapy. Did he act professionally?

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While there isn’t one way to act professionally as a therapist, setting appropriate boundaries is essential. Some therapists will disclose more personal information [...]

My new therapist doesn’t like me, I am unperturbed. However, he suggested that I don’t need therapy and am using it as a crutch. I disagree, how do I handle this with him?

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I don’t know exactly how or why you’ve determined he doesn’t like you. This sounds like a projection/distortion. If he’s done something overtly [...]

Therapists, do you think of your clients when therapy has ended? How do you draw the line between thinking about them too much and (sorry for this) being human?

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Yes, I often think of clients after therapy has ended. This question can be read different ways. You may be referring to when [...]

What can I try when CBT and DBT therapy didn’t work? Yes, I put in 100% several times and over many years. I’ve tried talk therapy with several different types of mental health professionals and always get the same advice.

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Advice is rarely helpful. CBT and DBT are more focused on changing the behaviors, as opposed to addressing the underlying issues. I recommend [...]

Will my therapist be annoyed when I tell her that I’ve been feeling depressed lately? She’s asked me about it before but I told her I’ve been feeling OK. It just took me a while to connect the dots between the symptoms.

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A therapist getting annoyed by a client telling them they are depressed would be like a medical doctor getting annoyed at a patient [...]