How can I progress in therapy when I feel overwhelmed with emotions in sessions and the only thing in my head is confusion? I feel so many aspects of my life have come into question, that I do not know what I want, who I am, and where I am going.

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This often happens in therapy because you are questioning the way you’ve been living your life this far. Although this can be very [...]

I’m ugly. What’s the point of living if no one will ever find me attractive, love me, or stay with me?

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Psychotherapy can help you explore some of the origins of this devaluation, which is often rooted in the family system. The complex interplay between societal influences and childhood caregivers can make untangling the roots of such beliefs complicated. 

As a psychotherapist, to what extent do you believe that people can really change their personality? I’m thinking of propensity for anger, vindictiveness, laziness, and flexibility to get along with others?

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That’s a complicated question to answer, since it’s an impossible thing to quantify. The short answer is that if I did not believe [...]